An Overview of the Job Process


And How to use MiaShare to help you through it.

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With MiaShare, finding a job is less annoying than it seems.

This article serves as a step-by-step roadmap and the MiaShare content that can assist you with each step.

1. Create and edit your important documents

This will usually be a resumé, so make sure you understand both what content should be on your resumé and how to format it. Our article on that is here.

2. Start searching for a job.

Whether it’s using the internet or your school resources, begin looking for positions that you can apply to. We have a resources page that you can use to find jobs.

3. Reach out to the employer.

Once you have found various jobs, start contacting the companies whose positions you want to apply for and see if they think you are a qualified applicant. We have tips on writing emails and cover letters that will always get a response from employers.

4. Interview for the job

After reaching out to them, you will usually hear a response from the company asking to interview you if they like their application. A successful interview all but guarantees you get a job, which is why we compiled the most frequently asked interview questions and answers.

5. Reach out to us with questions!

If you had any problems with steps 1-4, ask for our feedback and assistance on your application!

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